Archipenko – A Modern Legacy

In the autumn of 2017 Øregaard Museum presented the exhibition Archipenko: A Modern Legacy which offered a fresh assessment of Alexander Archipenko, a pioneer of modern sculpture. Archipenko was on view from September 29 2017 through January 21 2018. The exhibition at Øregaard Museum also featured works by Archipenko’s Scandinavian pupils: Franciska Clausen, Karl Ede and Axel Olson.


Featuring more than 50 sculptures, mixed media reliefs, and works on paper, the exhibition spanned Archipenko’s entire career. The exhibition highlighted the artist’s manifold abstractions of the figure and the breadth of his creative legacy that has informed our thinking of modern sculpture in the discernible constant of the Archipenko style.


This was a major retrospective exhibition of the life and work of Alexander Archipenko, a maverick in modern sculpture, whose creations remain as important today as they were when they were initially conceived in the twentieth century. Drawn from private collections, the exceptional objects chosen for this exhibition conveyed the richness of Archipenko’s vision as an innovator of modern art. In addition to the art works, never-before exhibited examples from the artist’s archives, including photographs of sculptures, sketches, installation views, and patent drawings for his machine “Archipentura,” offered an unprecedented view into the artist’s creative process and philosophy.


Archipenko: A Modern Legacy was curated by Alexandra Keiser. Since 2002, Keiser is the research curator at the Archipenko Foundation, where her responsibilities include the preparation of the Archipenko Sculpture Catalogue Raisonné. She received her PhD at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and her M.A. from the University in Trier. Keiser has published and lectured widely on Archipenko.


The exhibition was organized by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC, in collaboration with the Archipenko Foundation. International Arts & Artists in Washington, DC, is a non-profit arts service organization dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally, through exhibitions, programs and services to artists, arts institutions, and the public. Visit www.artsandartists.orgexternal link