Meret Oppenheim – Beyond the Fur Cup

German-Swiss artist Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985) is well known for the fur-lined teacup, saucer and spoon she created in 1936. She created the work at a time when sculpted objects and assemblages had become prominent features of Surrealist art practice and it made her one of the leading international exponents of Surrealism almost overnight. In fact, this particular object has overshadowed her multifaceted oeuvre ever since.


Oppenheim herself, however, struggled for decades with the sudden fame and refused to be bound by any labels and stylistic conventions. She left nothing unexplored and made a fertile blend of form and ideas her artistic trademark. The aim of the exhibition was to acknowledge the many various aspects of Oppenheim’s work and explore the resulting diversity of interests, media and approaches. Thus the exhibition presented a richer view of her output in all its complexity – beyond the fur cup.


The exhibition was the first presentation of Oppenheim’s works in Denmark and is produced in cooperation with Mjellby Art Museum in Sweden and Artoma in Hamburg.